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Avator Box
Avator Box is a complex service solution for Chinese mobile phones unlocking and flashing. Also, Avator Dongle is a more solution for registered Avator Box users. Avator Dongle is required for use of Avator Box updates released after Version 6.815. Avator Box supports a wide range of Android-based mobile phones. In this article, we provide the latest version of Avator Box software for windows. This tool support all most all the windows versions 10,8,7, XP.
Avator Box has many features. If you want to root your android phone or remove/reset the pattern lock of your device. Also, it allows you to flash your dead Chinese mobiles. You can flash all type of Chinese easing by using Avator flashing box. Before flashing your cell phone don’t forget to get backup of your important data. Because after flashing your all-important data will delete, and you can,t get it again.
Available operations of Avator Box:
  • Root
  • Remove pattern lock
  • Reset pattern lock
  • Android IMEI repair
  • Read pattern lock code
  • Read Gmail ID
  • Repair “Bad ADB” error
  • Remove password lock
  • Many other operations…

Avator Box provides you with fast pinout detection and supports almost all Chinese phones based on the following platforms:

  • MTK
  • SPD
  • Infineon
  • Skyworks
  • NXP
  • Qualcomm
  • ADI
  • etc.

Avator Box Supported Models and Features:

Support for MTK

Supported Features of Avator Box:
  • Read/Write Full Flash
  • Read Unlock Codes
  • Format FFS / Phone Reset
  • Backup and Repair Touch Screen Calibration settings
  • NV Editor
  • Decrypt and File Explorer
  • Read Phone Info
  • “Bad Software” Reset
  • Phone/User/Network/Sim Lock Repair without formatting
  • Write/Repair IMEI for Sim1 and Sim2 (Auto Checksum)
  • Read/Write/Edit Phone Book
  • Touch Screen Calibration Bypass
Supported CPUs:

6217, 6218, 6219, 6223, 6223DA, 6225, 6226, 6627, 6228, 6229, 6230, 6235, 6238, 6239, 6250, 6252, 6253, 6573, 6572 – Unique (2GB to 32GB Read Full EMMC), 6575 – Unique (2GB to 32GB Read Full EMMC), 6577 – Unique (2GB to 32GB Read Full EMMC) 6583 – Unique (2GB to 32GB Read Full EMMC), 6589 – Unique (2GB to 32GB Read Full EMMC)

Support for SperadTrum (SPD)

Supported Features of Avator Box:
  • Read/Write Flash
  • Read Unlock Codes
  • Format/Write/Repair IMEI
  • Reset Factory Mode
  • Reset Pattern Lock
  • Remove Gmail ID
  • Read Phone Info
  • Format FFS / Phone Reset
  • No USB Debugging Mode
  • Phone Unlock
  • No Root
  • No Data Loss
Supported CPUs:
SC6600D, SC6600M, SC6600E, SC6600I, SC6600L1, SC6600L2, SC6600L3, SC6600L7A, SC6600R, SC6600R2, SC6600RT, SC6600H, SC6600H3, SC6610, SC6620, SC6800, SC6800H, SC8800D, SC8800S, WT6226, WT6226A, WT6228, SC6820 – Unique (Read/Write Flash in Bin format), SC8810 – Unique (Read/Write Flash in Bin format), SC7710 – Upcoming update in roadmap, SC8825 – Upcoming update in roadmap, SC6500 – Upcoming update in roadmap, SC7715 – Upcoming update in roadmap, SC7702 – Upcoming update in roadmap
Support for NXP
Supported Features of Avator Box :
  • Read/Write Flash
  • Read Information
Supported CPUs:

Support for Analog Devices (ADI)

Supported Features:
  • Read/Write Full Flash
  • Read Phone Info
Supported CPUs:
AD6522 (NOR), AD6525 (NOR), AD6527 (NOR), AD6528 (NOR), AD6529 (NOR), AD6720 (NOR)
Support for Infineon
Supported Features of Avator Box:
  • Read\Write Flash
  • Read SIM card after Flash Repair
Supported CPUs:
7870 (NOR), 7880 (NOR), 7890 (NOR), 7900 (NOR)
Support for Silabs
Supported Features:
  • Read/Write Full Flash
  • Read Phone Info
  • Format FFS / Reset Phone
  • Unlock Phone
Supported CPUs:
4901, SI4901
Support for Anyka Support
Supported Features:
  • 3223\3224 Read\Write Flash
  • Read SIM card after Flash Repair
Supported CPUs:
3223, 3224
Support for Qualcomm
Supported Features:
  • Old models support via COM communication and new models via USB
  • Read Unlock Codes
  • FS Explorer
  • Phone Unlock
  • Read Phone Info
Supported CPUs:
CDMA Mobile’s
Support for Mstar
Supported Features:
  • Read Phone Info
  • Read/Write Full Flash
  • Phone Unlock
  • Repair IMEI
Supported CPUs:
MSW8533 (NOR), MSW8533C (NOR), MSW8528 (NOR), MSW8535 (NOR + NAND), MSW8538 (NOR + NAND), MSN8533N (NOR + NAND), MSN8533D (NOR + NAND)
Support for Coolsand
Supported Features:
  • COM Support Only
Supported CPUs:
8809 CPU Family

Avator Dongle Supported CPUs and Features:

  • MTK 6573, MTK 6575, MTK 6572, MTK 6575, MTK 6577, MTK 6583, MTK 6589   – Read Info / Read / Write Flash / Safe Format / IMEI Repair
  • SPD 8810,  SPD 8810, SPD 6820, SPD 6820- Reset Pattern Lock – No Root/Data loss / No USB debugging
  • MTK 6583, MTK 6589 – EMMC Read

How to Install Avator SmartCard:

  • Download Drivers (X32 or X64 Supported)
  • Install Drivers (Avator box SmartCard Driver)
  • Connect SmartCard in your PC
  • Dongle installed and ready to use

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How to start using Avator Box software:

  • Connect Avator dongle to a computer
  • Connect Avator Box to a computer (Install drivers if required)
  • Run the software
  • Select box’s COM-port and press “Start”
  • Go to Box Maintenance tab
  • Press “Register”
  • Enter the details of the Avator box you would like to register
  • Enter the activation code, supplied with the box (backside barcode label)
  • If you do not have the activation code, you need to purchase it
  • Register the box (you should get the successful outcome)
  • Restart the software and go to “Connect Box” -> “Box Maintenance”
  • Press “Get Authorized” -> and enter the password of registered box
  • Restart software (if asked again for a password input box’s password once more)
  • Do not forget your password


Download Avatar Box v8.002 Full Setup

Download Avatar Box Latest Drivers

If you have any sort of problem related to this Avator Box or in the process of downloading then share it through commenting below. We are always here to help you and we will try to solve it as soon as possible.