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Chimera Tool is a simple and comprehensive application. This tool can help you to complete the various task. You can use this most popular useful tool after a quick installation. Chimera tool downloads extra drivers and other necessary files without any involvement. If you are new to this tool, it’s mobile repair tool which can use to Direct unlock your locked Android device. Some other features are FRP remove, Repair IMEI and MAC, Unlock/Re-lock boot-loader. So I mention some of the main features of this tool and full features listed below. This Application support following mobile phone models. 

Blackberry, Generic, HTC, Huawei, LG, Nokia, Samsung, Lenovo, Vivo, and Xiaomi

What is Chimera Tool?

Chimera tool is a windows application, it supports Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows 8.1 Windows 10 32/64 bit versions. Also, support English Spanish German France Hungarian Turkish Arabic Russian Portuguese languages. This software is first launched in 2011 after that it popular among many people. Most functions within this tool work and all you have to do are push a button and let Chimera tool do the hard work for you. You don’t need any skill for use this tool there are tons of video and tutorials available on the internet. In some case, you don’t have a fix you can contact the support team of this application. They will respond within a few minutes. I remember, once we get their service and they respond to our problem and give a solution for that. Also, this is a market leading product used daily by more than 180 000 satisfied customers.

Chimera Tool Main Features

 1. Get device information

you can read device information and device states thought this tool. example: factory data hardware data and serial number.

2. Direct unlock

There are two ways to remove the network locks. One is direct unlock and the other one is read out the unlock code. You can unlock your device and use it immediately with the SIM card of any provider.

3. Software Update Downgrade

You can use this function to either upgrade to new firmware versions or downgrades to older ones. The tool can fix restart, freeze and boot errors.

4. Modem repair

The modem repair function needs to repair partition damage. In this case, error messages can appear on your phone. example, there is no network, no IMEI number in the device. Also in some devices, you get a numerical message such as “12345600654321”. Then you can make a proper correction using chimera tool.

5. Read & Write Certificate

Reading and writing digitally signed certificates some times necessary. In some Samsung, models store the serial number (IMEI) in these certificates. original manufacturer prevents manipulation the stored serial number without authorization. So in somehow this part gets damaged or overwritten by an improper tool.

6. Repair IMEI & MAC

You can repair damaged IMEI and MAC from this tool. in some cases, device owners are overwritten this IMEI and MAC. This feature does not support all the devices. You should check their current list of supported devices.

7. Backup & Restore

You can backup and restore your device data through this tool. Sometimes it creates backups before each critical part of the process. So if you use chimera tool with your device you should back your data before the process start. This automatic backup facility provides extra safety.

Chimera Tool Other features 

Auto Detect, Auto Turn On, Backup phone, Bypass & Remove FRP, Change CID,
Convert to, Dual Sim, Device Info, EFS Clear Unlock, Enable ‘Diag Port’,
Enable Disable Internal Memory, Factory reset,
Firmware Compatibility, Fix and Flash DLOAD, Fix Error 507,
Flash Qualcomm, Get Info, Lock To Network, MEP Unlock,
MSL Unlock, Network Backup / Restore, Network repair,
Nuke, Patch Certificate, Read Cert, Read MSL, Rebbot, Read SPC/MSL, 
Remove FRP lock, Remove Huawei-ID Lock,
Repair Device Root Key, Remove Screen Lock, Repair EFS

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If you face a problem with this application, please mention it in the comment section, we will happily support you to resolve the issue.