How To Flash LG Stock Firmware With LGUP Flash Tool


In this tutorial, you will see How to flash-install LG Stock firmware known as ROMs with LGUP flash tool. If you want more details about the LGUP tool here, you can read this article. This process is very simple to follow and step by step guide will help you to how to do it.

LGUP tool is easy to install and easy to use. it’ is a lightweight application for flash LG devices. This tool can help you when your LG device runs into Boot-loop or stuck at the LG logo on startup.

If your device bricked you can also use this tool to fix your device. you can unbrick/unroot your device by flashing the KDZ, TOT firmware. LGUP tool supports any LG android device and runs almost all the windows OS.

How to install LG Firmware With LGUP Flash tool

1. Firstly, install LG USB driver Download link

2. Secondly, install LGUP Flash tool (unzip will have 2 files, install the LGUP_8994_DLL file first and then LGUP_Install.Download link

3. Download KDZ file according to your phone model(remember to choose the correct ROM version for your phone).

4. Now turns on USB debugging mode and connects to the computer in MTP mode. (If the error is not entered, please use download mode:

Download mode: turn off the power, hold the volume + button and plug in the cable connected to the computer.

5. Run LGUP flash tool on a computer, select COM port

LGUP Tool6.after receiving COM port, it will look like:

LGUP flash tool


**important If on REFURBISH mode: it will only upload the TOT file**

7. But here we want to upload KDZ file so we have to check UPGRADE mode

8. Then click on ... button to find the location for the KDZ file on the computer as shown below:


9. After selecting the KDZ file, click on the top slash, the right corner to close the LGup. make sure, keep the device connected to the computer.

10. After that now re-open LGUP flash tool, at this time, File Path will still retain the .kdz file we selected earlier and LGUP tool will return to REFURBISH mode as shown below:


11. So in REFURBISH mode, we have selected KDZ file, Now only press the Start button and wait, after running 6-7%, the phone will reset itself into download mode, start the ROM, it will start.

LGUP Flash Tool

12. When complete 100%, press the Exit button, unplug the connection cable. you are done.good luck!


If the device is not recognized by LGUP or error message, please turn off and re-enter LGUP several times or uninstall LGUP completely and reinstall and try again.

If you have TOT file method is similar but simpler, because it only needs to be stored REFUBISH level. After that select TOT file then presses the Start button and then wait for the finish.