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HCU Client – Repair any Huawei IMEI, MEID, Unlock FRP bootloader:

HCU Client is Windows Application for Huawei mobiles. If you are looking for service and unlock Huawei devices, here is a complex solution. This tool is most popular among Huawei users. also, have more than 10-years experience with Huawei devices. By using HCU you cannot only unlock a phone or boot loader but also repair IMEI, BT, Wifi, SN or even remove FRP. It’s the only solution like this on the market. They have tested more than 560 Huawei models with this HCU Client. It supports all Hisilicon and Qualcomm CPU based Huawei Android phones. To do this all the works you don’t want to root access. You can do it in manufacture mode in a few seconds. In case you got a problem don’t worry there are working live support to help you. the most important thing is you don’t need a dongle to use this tool.

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WHY HCU Client is better than others?

  • Support more than 560 Huawei phones and modifications.
  • Support FULL phone repair same as factory (after full erase), not IMEI only.
  • Almost all models are tested.
  • A clear list of supported models.
  • Have WORKING live support.
  • 10 Years of experience with Huawei’s.
  • No dongle required.
  • All functions are unlimited.
  • Can read unlock codes, not direct unlock only!

HCU Client Features

  • Supported 500+ Huawei models and modifications
  • Supported Hisilicon, Qualcomm, MTK CPU’s
  • Repair IMEI, IMEI2
  • Repair WIFI, Bluetooth, SN
  • Read unlock codes, Unlock
  • Read bootloader code, Lock bootloader
  • Unlock FRP
  • Repair Vendor, Country
  • Unlock Huawei ID
  • Repair FingerKey
  • Repair/Flash by DC Phoenix with HCU license

The full list of HCU client supported models HERE


Download HCU Client

These models are not supported by HCU client
Huawei P20 EML-xxx all versions not supported
P20 Pro CLT-xxx all versions not supported
Huawei Mate 10 ALP-xxx upgraded to Android 8x not supported
Mate 10 Pro BLA-xxx upgraded to Android 8x not supported
Huawei P10 VTR-xxx upgraded to Android 8x not supported
P10 plus VKY-xxx upgraded to Android 8x not supported
Huawei Mate 9 MHA-xxx upgraded to Android 8x not supported
If you face a problem with this application, please mention it in the comment section, we will happily support you to resolve the issue.